Because of the excessive amount of sewing involved while making a fur, small openings may appear in the seams of the fur from time to time. This is normal. Resewing these openings when they are in the seam is not a problem.
Quality furs usually have numerous seams. Because of this, several small openings may be present in any number of seams. Often an open seam will be repaired only to find another open seam close by. This gives the impression that the first seam was not closed. When you have miles of thread in some fur garments, several small openings are not unusual, but they are often hard to find.
If you do find an opening at a seam do not neglect to have it repaired. Bring it to us and have our expert furrier take care of it.  Even a small opening in a seam should not be ignored. It will very likely get bigger and will ultimately result in more complicated repairs. Get your fur fixed as soon as you see and opening at a seam.