Reasons you should restyle your fur coat/jacket?
-You are cleaning your closet and find an old fur coat. Maybe it belongs to you for twenty years, or maybe it was passed down from your mother, grandmother, or great aunt.  You realize that many people around your area aren’t wearing full length coats anymore or you simply don’t wear it or that old style fur coat.
So why should you restyle your piece? It’s because you never wear it!
Another reason could be is that you are storing your fur coat/jacket in a cold storage vault paying yearly fee and yet you have not taken your fur  out for years. The best solution for you is to restyle your fur.
Out with the old in with the new!
-Their are many reasons to restyle your fur coat!  You take an old fur that might not be your style any longer, maybe it’s too big or small, or maybe you are just not into the huge bulky fur any more.   transform your fur into a piece you will love and will want to wear all winter long.
Yes you can try and sell your garment on eBay or take it into a consignment shop and hope it will sell and maybe you will get a few dollars for it.  But remember if you don’t think you will ever wear that coat most others will feel the same!
Transform that once loved piece into a current modern style and continue to appreciate and love your fur for many years to come.
Restyle your old fur into modern looking coat, jacket, or a vest.  Your unwanted fur piece will look like new and will become your favorite winter garment!
Steps to restyling!
  1. Call to schedule an appointment.  The appointment can be in the store or through zoom. 
  2. Bring in your for to the schedule time with some ideas of what you want  done.
  3. We will inspect your garment in order to determine if it could be restyled. Unfortunately, some garments’ skins are too weak and could not be worked on.
  4. Together we will  decide what your new fur piece will look like and determine the price.
  5. After we determine what you want done, we will take your measurements and the garment to proceed with the restyling. We will call you in a few weeks in order to set up a fitting session.
  6. At the fitting session, if the garment  is to your liking, it is complete! If there is something else that needs to be done it will be fixed until it’s up to your liking.
Below are several examples of our restyle garments. Pictures are before and after.
BeforeRestyled to a vest
-Before restyling                  -Turned the coat to vest 
Before restyle After restyling-coat is shorter and a removable hood was added
-Before restyling                -Made the coat shorter  
                                             and added a hood 
-Before restyling                - Restyled to a long vest 
-restyled a mink jacket into   -mink jacket restyled to 
a beautiful lap blanket             Pillows 
-A mink jacket that            -Restyled to a fun vest 
doesn’t fit 
- Restyle a mink jacket to    -A jacket made into a 
a vest and a teddy bear         Beautiful lap blanket
- Restyle mink stole into 2 pillows
and a headband